A Grateful Season

A Grateful Season
In many ways the end of the year as hallmarked by the social, outward-thrusting busyness of Christmas, is a time where reflection has little place.
And yet, in between the to-do lists and seemingly endless shopping, there is a constant inward focus – we are, in our modern way, deeply contemplating the lives of those we love as we consider what to feed them, what to give them.
In turn, our own place in the world can be highlighted, amongst the baubles and carols and glasses of cheer. What can we celebrate? What can we say goodbye to? What do we still hope for?
The space between two years – like the pause between two breaths – is also an opportunity to embrace a kind of stillness that comes when everyday duties can be shelved. To loosen the laces of our children’s school shoes and replace them with thongs. To lie beneath the flickering shade of a pandanus, to spend precious time with friends, to simply look out to sea.
From all of us at St Barts we wish you a wonderful holiday season full of love, joy and rejuvenation.
Merry Christmas!
SB x