Equipale Furniture: Distinctive Identity of Mexico

Passed through generations the Equipale Furniture has been made by families for over 500 years since the last Aztec Ruler Moctezuma; Equipale Furniture is the distinctive identity of Mexico.

Artisans use Organic and Regional Material to provide both comfort and pleasure. All Equipale furniture is made by hand with natural materials using centuries old tanning and dying techniques.

Pigskin which has been tanned is favoured for the leather as it is porous and allows air to circulate. Colours vary from light tobacco or dark hues if left natural and will become darker and worn with age... like a favourite old leather jacket.

The skin can also be dressed /or painted to give a more even colour and not so vintage in tan or lately in white.


The white painted finish  has a special coating added which helps to resist stains and  gives a more mediterranean or resort feel without loosing the authenticity.

This more contemporary look of stark white on a vintage timber base  is becoming in demand with designers fitting out  roof top bars like Ace Hotel in LA and Pod 39 New York.

The timber slats on the base of the Equipale is crafted from Rosewood Tree bark and hand laced with leather. The timber is cut on a full moon so the timber retains its moisture and gives it longevity.

Buying a Equipale chair or piece of furniture is something that will last with time and becomes more characteristic with age.

Explore the collection 'Las Playas' here