A Cohesive Aesthetic

A Cohesive Aesthetic

In fashion as in interior, the trick is to discover our personal authentic style so that we can easily eliminate distracting temptations and  recognise when something is right. The end result?  We only own things that make us happy and are a reflection of our true selves.

In all our years of travelling and gathering, at St Barts we have come to realise a certain core to our style. From the items we live with in our homes to the pieces we love to wear, there is always texture, noble fibers, an organic imperfection.

Our own range of homewares recently launched at LifeInstyle Sydney, are the culmination of such discernment and when viewed as a collection are elegant in a way that now speaks of a cohesive aesthetic.

From hand-woven shell baskets to carved wood benches made with the least adornment, open weave linen throws with the simplest stitch detail, tasseled crochet floor cushions and enlivening gloss-black urns – all the objects relate to one another evoking time, history, the human, the earth.

Our neutral palette finds interest in small but beautiful variance – how a black dye is absorbed by raw stony-white linen, the cool grey in un-stained elm, the washed white of decorative cuttle-fish necklaces and the gorgeous weak-tea browns and soot-blacks in Alissa Wright’s limited edition Horse print.

Never far from the surface is the vision which holds us – being able to transform our personal curiosity for the world and to share our adventures in beauty through our collections and stores.

SB x