Vintage Poppy 2 Medium

SKU: SB80280172



"Pansies are known to be the first flower to bloom in spring. Their name meaning thought. The idea that one person is always thinking of another. Poppies are one of the most symbolic flowers of all for many cultures. Like the shadows in a French lace skirt, the patterns and mesh overlays form the petals of the ‘Vintage Pansy’ and the ‘Vintage Poppy.’” Alissa Wright

Framed: 800 x 800mm

Unframed: 736 x 736mm

Prints are made to order and may take 5 - 10 days or more to be delivered. If you require assistance, please contact to process your order.

All prints are printed in-house with rag paper in giclee to the highest standards. Prints are a limited edition of 50 each and are personally signed by Alissa.