New Season, New Beginnings

New Season, New Beginnings
If contentment is a sure guide to success, then the simple luxuries of summer have us at the top of our game.
Nothing makes us happier than a day on the sand and in the sea – the softly raw feel of a woven bag in our hands as we tread the already hot white grains and find our settling spot – it’s weight determined by our favourite beach towel, a paperback and a purse with change for something refreshingly icy come the late afternoon.
Our favourite towels from The Beach People
Summer is here and we celebrate its languid charms at St Barts with the material things that become the poetry of your season: the perfect bag for beach escapades, the towel that fits both you, your buddy and a bub, a hand embroidered purse with shells to keep you close to the sea at all times.
Welcome to our new look website and the new season too!
SB x