Karama Medium

SKU: SB56227



“After travelling through India it was impossible not to be inspired by the layers of intricate design in the architecture of temples and forts with its attention to detail it spoke a thousand words. It is a place filled with such contrasts yet the vision of the fabrics and the soulful beauty in the faces stayed with me. Karam and Meerabai are to represent the pious aura and elegance along with the detail in some of the most beautiful hand looms I have ever seen.” Alissa Wright

Medium Framed: 934 x 754mm

Medium Unframed: 700 x 520mm

Prints are made to order and may take 5 - 10 days or more to be delivered. If you require assistance, please contact info@st-barts.com.au to process your order.

All prints are printed in-house with rag paper in giclee to the highest standards. Prints are a limited edition of 50 each and are personally signed by Alissa.