Alissa Wright

Bayside 2 I XL Wall Art

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Artist: Alissa Wright

Artist Description: Bayside 2

The soft breeze from the gentle lapping water. The leaves rustle above in a dance by the shore. The mangrove roots woven in a tapestry of reeds and tiny water pools. Such peace and beauty as the eyes wonder to the blue horizon. Our thoughts surrender to this moment. 

Frame: White (Matt Finish)


XL Framed: 1560x1077mm

XL Unframed: 1350x877mm

Medium Framed: 1010x720mm

Medium Unframed: 800x520mm

Limited edition prints of 50 prints only.


Prints are made to order and may take 3 - 4 weeks or more to be delivered. If you require assistance, please contact to process your order.

All prints are printed in-house with rag paper in giclee to the highest standards. Prints are a limited edition of 50 each and are personally signed by Alissa.

Delivery Times

Standard order processing time is 3 – 7 business days.

While we aim to get your order delivered to you within 5 – 10 working days, in the unlikely event of extended delays, we will endeavour to inform you. Any questions or follow up regarding delivery can be directed by email to

  • Bayside 2 I XL Wall Art
  • Bayside 2 I XL Wall Art
  • Bayside 2 I XL Wall Art
  • Bayside 2 I XL Wall Art
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