Mirror #1

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A big thank you! You have all been amazing in supporting us with our sister company FINEPRINT Co. in selling out 100 limited editions raising money for such wonderful causes, Firesticks and the NSW Rural Fire Service.

St Barts would like to continue raising money for all of those working so hard to keep our people and wildlife safe. To do this we are hosting a Fire Relief Fundraiser to raise further funds for those in need.

Our team has selected two amazing hand carved one-off mirrors from India.The two beautiful mirrors will be sold with the aim to raise much needed funds. 100% of the proceeds will be be donated equally between The Salvation Army Australia and WIRES Wildlife Rescue. 

Hand carved detailing anchored by horse embellishments
Timber Teak
Colour: Black
Size: 210cm H x 132cm W

Let’s band together to do what we can to help a much needed cause.