What’s New: Life InStyle Sydney 2018

What’s New: Life InStyle Sydney 2018

Every year as as we bring ourselves back from a relaxing break, the buzz starts growing in our head offices. Bursts of imagination and hours of work culminate at another year at Life InStyle. As it fast approached we were drawn to create an exciting new collection to present to our customers.

Unique products were sourced, mood boards were put together, shoots were arranged and the whole staff work tirelessly to bring to life a new collection that evokes the latest trends and the true spirit of St Barts.

The beautiful artisanal textiles from remote Nagaland are definitely one of the most exciting products we were proud to bring onboard our new catalogue. Made by the hands of experienced weavers in the northeast area of India, these textiles are not only a survival tool but a tradition that is proudly produced by the local tribes.

Intricate patterns give the new collection a raw and earthy feel. Ochre and saffron tones add a touch of colour to the collection and bring earthiness to our palette.

Black is prominent and adds a touch of luxury to the natural vibes our Caribbean filled lifestyle. Dark accents add a moody and modern feel to this collection.

















We are excited to see you at Life InStyle this year…

SB x