House Tour: Byron Retreat

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House Tour: Byron Retreat

A picturesque residence situated in Byron Bay this beautiful property has been captured by none other than Villa Styling.  The charming coastal home proves that even within limited space, one can craft a stunning and inviting home.

  Above: 1.  Maland Stools | Vase (Available Instore)

Above: 1.  Maland Stools | 2. George Sofa

The house establishes a tranquil ambiance with a neutral color palette, employing natural materials seamlessly. The compact open-plan area connecting the kitchen and living room is accentuated by remarkable exposed beams, adding a sense of height to the space.

Above: 1.  Arlo Side Table | 2. George Sofa

Gorgeous natural light floods through the open-plan home, fostering a seamless connection between the living space and nature. The George Sofa, chosen for its plush cushioning and heavenly comfort, proves to be the ideal fit for this cozy living area.
Above: 1.  Lyra Bedhead | 2. Priya Bedside Table | 3. Elm Peg Stool
The home's vision extends gracefully into the bedroom, where abundant natural light complements the textured natural elements. Our Lyra bedhead serves as a captivating focal point in the space, offering the added versatility of interchangeable covers in different colors.
The bedding, layered with natural fibers, achieves a effortlessly relaxed aesthetic, embodying the ultimate undone style.
Despite its compact size, the kitchen has been meticulously designed for both practicality and space optimization. Featuring a functional island bench and high ceilings, the space is tailored for seamless entertaining experiences.
The bathroom is designed to be highly functional, blending seamlessly with the home's organic ambiance through its choice of organic tiles. The addition of brushed gold fixtures enhances the space, imparting a touch of charm and elegance.

Incorporating Hale Mercantile bath towels introduces a strikingly raw, textured, and organic dimension to the bathroom space. 

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