The Coal Coast Escarpment

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The Coal Coast Escarpment

It's time to take a visual vacation and get inspired for your next project. The award-winning stylist + decorator Jessi Eve and photographer Villa Styling have brought this space to life, creating a cosy sanctuary that we could only dream of waking up in!

Sitting pretty below the Coal Coast escarpment, overlooking The Pacific, surrounded by towering native trees. This space doubles as a family's cosy and peaceful retreat from the world, as well as a calming and mindful workspace. Throughout the home, you will find some of our signature St Barts pieces adding warmth and character to the space.

We are so pleased to have St Barts signature pieces styled in this beautiful space. The natural finish and simple, clean lines of the furniture make it a great fit for the style of this home. Jessi Eve has done a wonderful job in utilising the warm, rich tones of the elm wood around the relaxed palette of the home throughout. 

Jessie Eve reflects on her vision for the space - "Mother Nature had set the tone, all we had to do was create an interior space that reflected the calm and beautiful backdrop - a space that didn't compete with the world outside but instead became an extension by encapsulating the essence of its surroundings."

"We refinished the existing timber floors, touched up paint, added feature lighting, restored an old bookcase and introduced new furniture and decor." 

St. Barts Raw Elm furniture is the perfect way to add warmth and character to any home. Made from high-quality elm wood, this furniture line boasts a raw, natural finish that highlights the beauty of the wood's natural grain and knots.
Each piece of our Raw Elm range is handcrafted, giving it a one-of-a-kind look and feel that can't be replicated. The natural imperfections and variations in the wood grain make each piece unique, adding a sense of personality to your home that can't be found in mass-produced furniture.

Thanks again to the team behind this project Stylist + Decorator Jessi Eve and Photographer Villa Styling. Shop our furniture here
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