The Good Green

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The Good Green

You probably know by now that the 70’s are having a comeback in fashion and interiors, and one particular revival from that era has a special place in our hearts – the indoor plant phenomenon.

Green just makes us feel good, and it’s a rare St Barts interior/vignette that could not be improved by the addition of some lush and life-affirming foliage.

The proliferation of greenery in every lusted-after Pinterest board can be seen to be part of a wider trend born from our need to be closer to nature. Also, interior and exterior living in modern homes are often seamless, with plants that were once only seen in gardens now making an effortless migration and design impact inside.

However, what if you love this trend but are often away and unable to nurture an abundance of living plants day to day? Or you have a tricky spot with little light? Or a terrible history with plants and just don’t trust yourself with a towering (and temperamental) fiddle leaf?

Enter the very, very well crafted artificial plant! Now, we are not saying all your indoor greenery should be fake because it is well documented that plants have health benefits such as making the air cleaner by absorbing pollutants, making us more relaxed by alleviating stress and enhancing our moods. However some of these benefits are received from the pleasure of simply looking at plants, so that a beautiful artificial variety can certainly improve your happiness and satisfaction with your living space.

Take a closer look around our stores and you might be surprised to realise that the sensual tropical vibes are all achieved with no pruning, tending or watering. We advocate the more is more philosophy when it comes to greenery. They are also an easy way to make a place feel more homely – and depending on your interior style you can match your plant to your space with the kind of pots you choose. We have so many options from the high-society classic vibes of huge blue and white Chinese ceramics, to the cool continental mood of recycled French tyre pots…or baskets for a beach relaxed attitude.

Take a wander through our gallery of inspiration and add some green to your home…

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