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La Bottega di Brunella

“You billow and resound in the wind as though you were my soul” – Ode to the Clothes, Pablo Neruda

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La Bottega di Brunella

“You billow and resound in the wind as though you were my soul”
– Ode to the Clothes, Pablo Neruda

Editing the choices we are faced with into those that truly reflect our soul intention and those that merely hold transitory appeal, is how we make the best decisions for ourselves.
Like fashion for example. Choosing items that are made to last (that in fact get better with the wearing), have elegance, function and grace – we know these are the clothes worthy of our investment – and steers us clear of passing fads and tawdry temptations!
And so it is we have fallen in love with the luxury and integrity of linen label La Bottega di Brunella, a staple to our wardrobes here at St Barts.
La Bottega di Brunella use the traditional artisanal methods of Italian manufacturing of flax. From the weaving of fibres into yarn, to the final product, this label honours the heritage of Italian linen manufacturing, making garments that can be worn for decades.

Regarded in Europe as the best quality fabric, linen is both durable and sustainable. When un-dyed it is totally biodegradable. The more you wash linen the softer it gets and it’s open weaves let the skin breathe, making it the ideal fabric for hot climates.

But above function, what we wear on the outside must connect with our interior landscape. With their fluid forms, timeless elegance and palettes drawn entirely from nature, La Bottega di Brunella have not only inspired how we want to dress, but have reminded us of who we really are.
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