Coastal Sunhaven

Byron Bay
By Interior Stylists Melissa Mcleod
Our interior styling team at St. Barts had the pleasure of collaborating with the homeowner to bring the vision of Coastal Sunhaven to life. This newly built property in the Byron area is blessed with beautiful natural light, which we used as a foundation to create a bright and inviting space. To complement this, we incorporated neutral layered textures and rustic elm furniture throughout the home, instilling an earthy, relaxed feel that perfectly aligns with its coastal setting.

Our talented interior stylist, Melissa, worked closely with the homeowner, utilising a detailed floor plan to guide the selection of furniture and décor. Each piece was chosen with care to ensure it harmonised with the home's natural surroundings and the client's aesthetic preferences. We focused on achieving a cohesive look by layering different textures and materials, adding depth and warmth to each room.

By combining these elements, we crafted a serene and stylish retreat that embodies the laid-back charm of coastal living. The homeowner was delighted with the outcome, appreciating the meticulous attention to detail and the seamless blend of functionality and beauty.