Alissa Wright


Roads we are yet to travel, destinations untouched and the hopes and dreams that push us along. What inspires us and what we work hard for can be the common thread amongst many.

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Woven Medium
Woven Extra Large

Alissa Wright

Summer Days

Drenched in sunshine with salt on your skin, the happy holiday memories. Lino patterns on the floor and bright cotton summer dresses. Those Summer Days are our freedom, treasured times when the simple things meant more.

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Summer Days 1 Medium
Summer Days 2 Medium

Summer Days 1 Extra Large
Summer Days 2 Extra Large

Alissa Wright

Lady Of Le Diad'eme

If you could slip inside an old sepia postcard but looked through the blues from the depths of the Tahitian Lagoons there the Polynesian queen sits. Mythical in their Island paradise as they connect with nature hearing only the distant sounds of waterfalls and echoes of volcanoes now long extinct.

View artworks here:
Lady Of Le Diad'eme 1 Medium
Lady Of Le Diad'eme 2 Medium

Lady Of Le Diad'eme 1 Extra Large
Lady Of Le Diad'eme 2 Extra Large