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Upgrade Your Living Space with St Barts' Sofa Covers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Transform the look of your living room effortlessly with St Barts' collection of sofa covers. St Barts furniture and homewares store offers high-quality sofa covers that are perfect for refreshing your space and protecting your furniture. With convenient removable covers and additional options to change your look, St Barts makes it easy to keep your sofas stylish and clean.

Removable Covers for Easy Maintenance

St Barts understands the importance of convenience when it comes to cleaning your sofa covers. That's why our cotton canvas sofas come with removable covers that can be conveniently washed or dry cleaned. No more worrying about spills or stains – simply remove the cover and follow our care instructions for a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Purchase Additional Covers for Versatile Style

Want to change the look of your living room without investing in new furniture? St Barts has you covered. Many of our clients love to purchase additional sofa covers to switch up their living room aesthetic from season to season. Whether you prefer White Sofa or Grey Couch Covers, there are a range of options to suit your style.

Easy Care Instructions for Long-Lasting Quality

Maintaining the pristine condition of your sofa covers is easy with St Barts' care instructions. Simply machine wash your covers on a cold 30-degree setting using a gentle cycle. Be sure not to overload your washing machine and use suggested powder detergents only. To avoid crushing the fabric, hang the covers immediately after washing. Alternatively, you can choose to dry clean them or utilize on-site cleaning services for added convenience.

Premium Sofa Protection Services

For an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, St Barts recommends our premium sofa protection services. Our experts can provide in-home protection application to safeguard your sofas from spills, stains, and everyday wear and tear. For more information about this service recommendation, please contact us at or call 1300 139 619.

Upgrade Your Living Space Today

Revitalize your living space with St Barts' collection of high-quality sofa covers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our removable covers, additional options for versatile style, and easy care instructions make it simple to keep your sofas looking their best. Explore our range online or visit our showroom to experience the quality and craftsmanship of St Barts' sofa covers firsthand. Transform your home with St Barts today.