Alissa Wright

Horse Zora

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Artist: Alissa Wright

Artist Description: Horse Zora

Zora is a friend of mine, she is a lady who travels and takes beautiful photographs. when I had finished this piece a few of us were together chatting and I said 'What should we name this piece?" and Zora said "You should name it after me".

Frame: Angled Frame - Black (Matte Finish)


Medium Unframed - 700mm x 520mm

Extra Large Unframed - 1260mm x 960mm

Medium Framed - 936mm x 746mm

Extra Large Framed - 1534mm x 1224mm

Limited edition prints of 50 prints only.


Prints are made to order and may take 3 - 4 weeks or more to be delivered. If you require assistance, please contact to process your order.

All prints are printed in-house with rag paper in giclee to the highest standards. Prints are a limited edition of 50 each and are personally signed by Alissa.

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Standard order processing time is 3 – 7 business days.

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