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Incense Flue Set

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Brand: Studio Milligram

Beautifully simplistic, the Studio Milligram Incense Flue Set is a handmade glass column that is accompanied by Study of Trees Japanese incense sticks.

Comprised of two pieces, the base gently holds the Japanese incense stick and the elegant glass column is placed on top to envelop the stick gently channelling plumes of scented smoke to the sky.

Study of Trees' true sandalwood incense is a deep, earthy scent perfect for sleep and relaxation. It's been inspired by Australian temperate old-growth forests. Notes of fresh pine, geranium, cedarwood, sandalwood, and spices.

Size: 1 x glass incense burner and 37 incense sticks with a burn time of approximately 15 minutes each

Made in Australia

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  • Incense Flue Set
  • Incense Flue Set
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