Industrial Alchemy

Industrial Alchemy



eposed brick


Call it a throwback to our youthful fantasies of loft living, the huge New York warehouse apartment that was to house our fluttering hopes and fantastic parties, but we’ve never fallen out of love with chic, industrial interiors.

Raw, unfinished textures, the bones of a building left bare, dramatic uses of black and light, contrasts of wood and metal – we love that industrial style is like a dialogue between man and nature, about proudly displaying what many would try to conceal.




As our beautiful Brisbane store was ready for a refresh, we decided to include elements of industrial design with our existing palette and the result can only be described as alchemical!

Lacing together seemingly disparate elements to create a distinct ambience, we introduced heavy black piping to hang our ethereal fashions from. Some walls are stripped to expose the bricks beneath, on others matt black paint refines the space and begs for the addition of compelling art.


black wall


The inclusion of metallics, myriad forms of light and reflective surfaces provide sparkle and necessary glamour, and our signature global/coastal style adds a bohemian, personal twist to the scheme.


industrial chic




We believe that a beautiful space can inspire you to be creative and productive, and so it’s with high hopes and a swing our step that we invite you to visit our revamped Brisbane store.


tribal and walls




We can’t wait to see you in Brisbane St Barts soon !

31 James Street
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
(07) 3257 7166